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We are happy and encouraged to know that we at Social Biz Connect (SBC) have a Lot of Ground to Cover in Educating Our Populace how Affiliate/Internet Marketing works. I will give you a few examples to help you understand how SBC works. To start with here are 3 Questions about Marketing Companies you know well which sell Services:
QSN 1) How Do Mpesa Agents (Distributors) and Airtime Dealers Earn Money

ANS:- They RESELL Safaricom Services to Customers

QSN 2) How does a Travel Agent Make Money?

ANS:- They RESELL Travel Services on Behalf of Airline Companies.

QSN 3) How do Insurance Agents Earn Money?

ANS:- They Sell Insurance Services to Customers on behalf of the Principal Company (Insurance Company)

I Could go on and on and give you Tens of Examples..

= In these Examples ABOVE NOTE that the Traders are Independent Affiliates also Known as (Independent Business Owners) or Agents or Representatives etc

They Run their own Independent Business with the Support of the Mother Company that they represent.

The Mother Company or Principal takes Care of Most Customer Concerns LIKE Customer Care, Stock & Inventory, Service Delivery, Claims, Commission Payments etc while the Sales Reps Sole OBLIGATION is to Bring In Customers (Sales) to Buy Services from Principal.

= Agents or Distributors RESELL the Services by Looking for as Many customers as they Can Possibly Get and When they Get a Paying Customer they Earn COMMISSIONS on the sales made.

There is NO Income Limit because Your Commissions are Simply Limited by Your Sales Volumes.

In the same Token there are NO Fixed Salary or Minimum Incomes Guarantees cos The Agent/Re-seller is Compensated PURELY by Completed Sales Delivered to Mother Company..

= If the Customer Returns again and again the Agent or Distributor Earns Commission again and again for life. .

This is called a Repeat Sales or Renewals or Subscription depending on the industry.

= The UNIQUE thing to Note in the 3 Examples above is that the Mother Companies are all SERVICES and NOT Tangible Products..

= Now that You Understand that Selling Services is a Legitimate way of Earning BIG Cash. .

SBC Sells Digital Online Services some of which includes;

.Online marketing


.Websites Templates

.Lead Capture Pages
.Online Advertising tools
.E-learning etc
Each of the Companies I mentioned above have a Commission Structure of Paying their Agents…= This is called a “Payplan” or “Compensation Plan” or a “Marketing Plan”= SBC Agents or Resellers (Distributors) are Compensated through a VERY UNIQUE Commissions Payplan which enables Individual Members to Duplicate their Income through a unique Concept of Team Building…This is the Main Difference between the Marketing Models of Companies I explained above and SBC..We Follow a Proven and Well Established and Researched Business Model called Network Marketing which is over 80 yrs Old and Taught in Top Universities in the World as a Marketing Course.I will stop here hoping that I have shed some light to your concerns.I hope you NOW appreciate HOW SBC works.Are you Ready to Get Started with the online venture?

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