Why online works are in demand in Kenya

What’s the difference between your last two months and now? The same way, what will be your results and where will you be in the next two months? Will you be where you are now, ahead or back?THE BIG QUESTION. This is my story.

 According to statistics, there are about 800,000 graduates every single year in Kenya. Only about 40% are fortunate to be employed either in government institutions or private sectors. Where are other over 500,000? Gambling with life and buying luck with sport pesa.

If you are a graduate or job seeker you conguere with me that, looking for a job in Kenya is profession on its own, is another job.Back in life I am a graduate who looked for an opportunity for 6 months but failed to acquire one. I had to accept any opportunity on my way. Life is never easy nor simple without finance. I had an option of accepting ‘mjengo’ as a graduate to raise ksh 500 daily  which normally started at 7am – 6pm.

While looking for a better opportunity online, I saw an advert on Facebook about making money online.

I knew then that pursuing how to make money on the internet was going to be the next chapter of my life, so I was to try it, I know I could! So I booked for an appointment, attended my first training where was asked registration and orientation fee which at first made me doubt due to conmen in the city.

 Three hour seminar I attended was my best hours I have ever utilized. It worths the pay. I was given direction on how to get started, where I decided to venture in the opportunity by enrolling.

 I knew, the difference between the poor and the rich is the urgency of taking opportunities they came across.

O- pportunities
I saw successful young people where I was challenged on how they were making over ksh. 25,000 weekly especially students working part time. I got my mentor who showed and guide me to learn and work just by copy-pasting what others were doing.With open my mind required, in some weeks time I could make some cash weekly just using my phone. In my first weeks working online, this is what I could make on a weekly basis.


Average on my first weeks working online

I could learn while earning, so my income kept growing. The greatest  thing about the opportunity is that, it requires no certificate and you don’t have to be great to get started. I could see the electrical and electronic engineers graduates, accountants, form leavers, students and other employees working together and making job replacing income.
No one was taught how to use Facebook and the same, we use Facebook to make job replacing income now via social networking. Many will say it’s not real as I was told before starting but with my personal decision I thank myself to have not been influenced by society ignorance and negative forces. Three months working online I could make about ksh 10,000 on a weekly basis as from my screenshot.


5-169×300.png 169w” sizes=”(max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px” /> Average of over ksh 36,000 monthly. Confirm Mpesa transaction validity

Internet never sleep so as income never stop growing. Celebrating my 7th month, which happened to be adverse “Njaanuary” for everyone in external economy, income has really grown. This is my latest weekly income as an mpesa message.


I am not yet close to achieving my big dreams but I happy that I have touched lots of lives (students, graduates and work class) to achieve too.

The advice I can give young people is to develop positive mind for them to have  positive life. There are many outside there struggling to make end meets but due to society ignorance, they may be influenced not to venture in online career,where they prefer to look for jobs for years. Come this year, come next you will remain at the same status. There are no more jobs, “kazi ni wewe”. The online opportunity is not even easy but simple by socializing online through social media.


Many people leave their dreams for fears. The main reason is fear of failure . Never let fear control your life. 


Personal development in our online business

To the generation which only thinks of getting a good job,be where of the choices you make or the time you waste waiting for that job, which never comes due to the economic crises of the 21st century ,this is the time when technology is replacing jobs and I believe everything is turning online, jobs are shrinking at a very high rate.

Below is a case of a graduate with a banner desperately looking for a job it’s a big irony in the same economy people can have such different mindset the case below, makes me pose the statement : achieving success in college is important but what happens after.


This is real. If USA has no jobs to offer, what of Kenya?

I really want to impress upon you that whatever it is you want to achieve it is possible!”
I’ve done it, helped others achieve it so I know you can too!
If you are still reading to this point then I’m assuming that you too are looking for a better way of life or are ready for a massive change! I would love to have you come aboard my journey and allow me to help you create the lifestyle you desire!
I want to share with you the system that myself and many others are using and having great success with that is allowing us to live the lifestyle of our dreams, creating better lives not only for ourselves but for our families and the people we meet along the way

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